Thursday, April 30, 2009

the end of the shred at 27 days?!?!?

I am so stinkin mad, i cant even believe it. I hurt my knee yesterday, well actually the day before. I have lots of fluid underneath my knee (says doc) i have to be real easy with it for atleast a week and see how it is then and if its not better then to see a Ortho. I made it 27 days, and am very proud of myself thus far. i weighed myself this morning and am at 161!! That is 3 pounds in 7 days. So total i have lost 6 pounds all together, i think that is awesome. 6 pounds in 27 days. I feel so good about myself lately and am excited that since i have started trying to lose weight (about 4 months) I have dropped 20 pounds! I have decided that my long term goal is 140 which means 21 more pounds that i know is totally possible. Although a little harder now. So i need some help, i am hoping that some of you may be able to help me with some ideas of things i can do without killing my knee. i will have measurments and pics tomorrow. And congrats to all who have or are getting through the shred!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


ok so let me start out by, ooppppsssss, the pics are backwards the top ones are Day 20 and bottom are day 1, hope you can tell that!...
Well Lucky me Ant Flo decided to come today and you all know what that can do so bear with me on these #'s.

I weigh 164

Neck 14
Waist 34.5 .5 inch
Hips 39 .5 inch
Bust 40
Chest 34
L Thigh 21 1 inch
R Thigh 21 1.5 inch
L Calf 15
R Calf 14.5 .5 inch
L Arm 12
R Arm 12

So i have lost no weight, but i didnt gain any either, right?!?! but i did lose 4 inches total, not bad i think!! Now i am going to go try level 3, here goes nothing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 20 Pictures

Day 1's are on top and Day 20's are on the bottom

Measurments to come tomorrow!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Thin Line

There is a thin line between love and hate and that is how i describe Level 2. I LOVE this workout it seems a bit more athletic and i dont know but it does good things for me. But I HATE it, it is freakin hard, the minute i think i am getting the hang of it i seem to not make it through the next. Level 1 was getting slow it seemed like it would take forever, but oh no not Level 2, although there are points in which i think holy crap this HAS to end, or its going to end me. But i make it to the finish each time, i watched level 3 so i didnt fumble over my feet the first time, but now i think that is inevitable, it looks HARD!!! Tomorrow is day 10 of Level 2 which means yes the dreaded weigh in, but WOW i will have done 20 days in a row! (yay me)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

1st weigh in ~ Day 10

I weigh 164

Neck 14
Waist 35 1 inch
Hips 39.5 1 inch
Bust 40
Chest 34 1 inch
L Thigh 22
R Thigh 22.5
L Calf 15 1 inch
R Calf 15 .5 inch
L Arm 12 .5 inch
R Arm 12 .5 inch

Ok so recap i lost 3 pounds and 5.5 inches!!! in 10 Days! Level 2 here i come, well, early Easter egg hunts.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What?!? can it be?!?

Level one is actually getting "easier" for me... now i know i am saying this 8 days into it but still, i am feeling pretty good about this! What does scare the crap out of me is that i have read some other blogs about Level 2 and YIKES! Really not looking forward to that. Sunday is when i switch to Level 2 and that's good cause Hubby will be home and help pick me up off the floor, but bad because, uh, well its EASTER. But i WILL fit it in on Sunday! I saw on Kristen's post that she felt better in so many different ways after getting a routine of exercise in. Like i have said it has only been 8 days but i get what she is saying. I am walking a little taller lately, i can only imagine after over a month i will be feeling pretty good. I am though very nervous about Sat and the weigh in and measure. I do not east past 8, usually 7 though. I have cut out frivolous calories and am still breastfeeding so cant go diet crazy, but i really don't want to. I want to find a way to live my life happy and full and still look the way i want. I can do that i just need to figure out what works for me because i do not want this to be a phase in my life i want this to BE my life. On to day 9!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Accountability~ Day 5

Day 3 and 4 were Sat and Sun and Sat went fine, kinda the same still sore but went through it all. Sunday was a different day i did NOT want to get up and shred at all. C'mon its Sunday morning time to lay in bed and not move. Ok so that NEVER happens in my house, with a 3 year old and 2 year old and a 8 month old, but still! I kept thinking i dont want to be the bum that doest follow through, although i dont know these people we are in this together! So shred, i did! And the soreness was actually almost gone. And did i feel better after doing it?? OF COURSE!! So now its monday morning and Day 5 is gone, and i am really not very sore anymore which makes it easier to shred. I am going to try and step it up a bit also, i am going to throw the treadmill in there as well. Probably in the afternoons when hubby is home from work. I am really starting to feel better about myself in ways i dont think i EVER have. So you have seen the ages of my boys clearly i had them back to back and not much room to get back to "normal" so before i got pg with my first i weighed 150, and that is my goal weight now. Somehow or another IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!! So although we may not know eachother personally i wanted to thank you for being my accountability!!! 5 down 25 to go!